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 Miles City Bucking Horse Sale and Horse Racing
3 Days,
May 13, 19, 20 , 2018
 Miles City, MT
Contact Information
KATL Radio,
Miles City, MT 59301

Phone: 406-234-7700Fax: 406-234-7783
The Bucking Horse Sale is excited to annonce the 2018  Horse Racing Schedule which will feature more racing that ever before!
Mothers Day Races - May 13th, 2018
Bucking Horse Sale Races - May 19th & 20th, 2018
For More Information: Don Richard (406) 853-1700
The Miles City Bucking Horse Sale is a major event in Montana with the feature of Auctioning of Bucking Horses. The event includes the rodeo style of bucking both bareback and saddle bronc horses and then we auction them off to the highest bidder. We also buck bulls and sell them to the highest bidder. Both of these are part of the event.
Directions: The Miles City Bucking Horse Sale can be found by if going east on I-94, take the first exit off to right. Going west on I-94, take the third exit off to right. Travel to the Eastern Montana Fairgrounds located 1/4 mile west of Miles City.

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Miles City Racing and Bucking Horse Sale:

Bucking Horse Sale and Horse Racing.......
Stakes Rules, Forms and Conditions

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32.28.803 Declarations and Scratches:  ADDED (9) - Any horse which has qualified or drawn into a stakes race, other than an overnight stakes race, can be scratched from the stakes race for any reason prior to the start of the race.  The scratch of a horse from a stake race is irrevocable.  (New Rule)

 32.28.1402 Permissible Medication:  CHANGED (4) - Phenylbutazone shall be administered in a dosage amount such that concentrations shall not exceed 2 micrograms per milliliter of post-race serum or plasma.  (Note:  Reduced from 5 micrograms per milliliter to 2 micrograms per milliliter to match national standards supported by Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI)).

32.28.1402 Permissible Medication:  CHANGED (5) - Race day medication is allowed in the treatment of EIPH (exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage).  Up to 250 mg (5cc of 50 mg/ml) furosemide (Lasix) IV is permitted up to four hours before race time.  A horse racing with furosemide must show a detectable concentration of the drug in the post-race serum or plasma, not to exceed 100 nanograms per milliliter.  (Note:  Better defines the reason for using Lasix, the amount to be administered and limits on how much shall be present in post-race samples.)

ARCI Multiple Medication Violations (MMV) & ARCI Uniform Classification Guidelines
The Montana Board of Horse Racing supports and will follow the guidelines for the Multiple Medication Violations program as well as the Uniform Classification Guidelines proposed by the Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI).  Information on both of these programs may be found at:   <>.